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About Underground Performance

Underground Performance is a grass roots company which has been operating since 1995 . Just like anything else in life, once you get something you like you always try to make it better or faster. Yes, we have broken many a part putting it to the tests but after much R&D and wads of cash we feel we've come up with the perfect combinations for the everyday rider and high miler. We believe getting ground pounding  power should not sacrifice reliability. Our engines have completed the "Three flags run" , "Iron butt" and have spun the odometer around to zero on more than one occasion. 

The staff at Underground Performance have a combined history in the business of more than 30 years and have spent most of that time on the performance aspect of the trade.

As you read through these pages you will see we talk a lot about Velocity, as we concern ourselves on the torque aspect of motor building. We have found that chasing the horsepower monster was  making our everyday riding customers unhappy with the high revs needed to make the engines perform to full capacity therefore reducing longevity to the engine and components. We have found that with chasing Velocity to get torque (which is what stretches our arms) the horsepower came naturally

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